This is what my patients are saying....

Historical Testimonials

"I've suffered with a slipped disk for a number of years resulting in frequent bouts of pain. I could tell through previous experience that the pain I was experiencing would have taken months to go but the pain subsided from the very first visit to Sally and after a few more appointments was completely gone." Female 42

"I have found it amazing! I hadn't been able to lift my arm above my head for 4 years and after having Sally work on it I can move it far more freely. I find it a great benifit for my whole body so like to have it every few weeks. It makes a big differnce to my life." Female 31

"Having been very sceptical about receiving chiropractic treatment I am so glad I went to see Sally Stanworth with an open mind. She has improved my back immensely and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. Sally has a very calm and soothing way about her which instantly puts you at ease and she is clearly good at what she does in a professional and confident way." Female, 51

"What a relief after 2 years of pain. my doctor just told me to take pain killers now i can cope easily without. i have and will recommend this treatment to anyone." Male 47

"When I was 40 I was having trouble with my neck and shoulder blade to the point that moving my head to look at the side view mirror of my car became difficult. I was a little bit sceptical of success of any treatment offered via a chiropractor, but decided to give it a go as nothing else was working. Having attended the first session my view point changed, I felt loose around my neck due to the work carried out to rectify the posture and remove the tension that had built up over time. The next day i was stiff and sore, but the following day my movement was so much better and the pain was almost gone. After a few more sessions my aches had completely disappeared. I made a decission at that point to have a yearly MOT if you like, to prevent the problem re-appearing, touch wood it hasn,t." Male 44

"I went to see the chiropractor, as i was in a lot of pain, i left thinking that it was a waste of time, but the next morning the pain had almost gone and i found it alot easier to get around." Male 40

"Sally's treatment has saved me from a lifetime of misery and analgesics. I feel like a new woman!" Female 52

"Very pleasant experience and from walking in doubled over I was able to stand up straight walking out." Female 37

"I would recommend Sally to anybody as she was the only person to diagnose my problem and recommend medical treatment. She has continued to support and treat me when I have needed it. She is alway friendly and helpful." Male 54

"I had been in so much pain in my lower back and legs that i was willing to try anything. Even after my first session i was able to sit up straight and walk without very much trouble. And very good value for money." Male 40

"After a fall from a horse I spent a small fortune on traditional chiropractors over the following three months but still had signifcant back pain, I was amazed to be completely pain free after two sessions with Sally and straight after three. I can't recommend them enough!" Female36

"Went to see Sally because my left hip was hurting. After a few visits the pain went away and I now return for 6 monthly maintanence visits to ensure that all my joints remain in alighnment." Male 37

"I enjoyed my treatment and received great relief for my symptoms.  I frequently need minor adjustments and Sally is very good at "putting me together" again."  77 year old female horse rider

"The treatment has helped me to cope with progressive arthritis and muscle rheumatism in a way I couldn't have done without it. The care and attention to medical history, as applied to treatment, is exemplary. If you want to cut back on chemical medication and painkillers, give BMCC a try. Highly recommended, not just for skeletal care, but also for the additional muscular therapy - an added bonus!" Male 54

"I have had problems with a badly healed wrist fracture. Five minutes treatment helped me far more than all the NHS procedures I have received over the past 8 years. I wish I had found out about this earlier!" Male 55

"Multiple motorbike crashes, creaking for the last 18 months, problems with walking ranging from painful to just achey. Three visits and I'm skipping around like a ... slightly elderly but VERY active lamb. Cannot beleive the change. Will keep popping back for top-ups as required." Male 59